As an agency playing a modest role supporting and advising our clients on how to invest money in media wisely, and with a profitable return, we will be attending tomorrow's Arts, Leisure and Entertainments Conference, with interest. The great and the good of the industry will gather in Docklands to discuss and debate audience generation and retention in a digital world.

It's a fact, the digital revolution is impacting the Arts and Ents market like nothing that has gone before. The competition for visitor wallets is on fire. Clients need to embrace technology and the attendant benefits quickly, separating the wheat from the chaff. There's a lot of noise out there and you need to be guided as to what can make a difference and what is a mere distraction.

Our clients can now extend their products' reach through digital channels, taking the experience out of the venue itself. Furthermore, advances in virtual reality and tools like iBeacon can enhance the marketing experience.


We have worked with LIOZ for 4+ years and they are an integral part of our marketing department, not only offering a superb buying service but advising us and helping create demand in totally new markets. The development in on-line strategies has progressed at an incredible pace and they have helped us keep ahead at all times. LIOZ are a very valued member of our team


LIOZ are passionate about creating promotional and advertising solutions for like-minded brands. We help our clients connect with consumers and hit their business objectives in creative ways through activity that leverages the length and breadth

LIOZ have partnered with a wide range of like-minded brands world wide to create innovative and exciting campaigns across a variety of platforms.